The Case of Ameer Makhoul: a National-Political Cause

The Case of Ameer Makhoul: a National-Political Cause

One year after the arrest of Ameer Makhoul, director of Ittijah, local and international organizations express their support of Ameer and call for his release along with all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Friday, May 6th, 2011 marks one year for the arrest of Ameer Makhoul, general director of Ittijah- Union of Arab Community-Based Organizations in Palestine 48 and president of the Committee for the Defense of the Political Freedoms of Palestinians 48. On this occasion, we hereby present some of the letters declarations of support that were made by a number of national and local organizations, as well as international human-rights organizations and activists. These words are in support of Ameer and his case, as they demand the international community to exert pressure for his release and that of all political prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The Popular Committee for the Defense of Ameer Makhoul: “We will continue to expose the policies of the racist state internationally and our demand is Ameer’s immediate release and that of all political prisoners”:

According to a statement made by The Popular Committee for the Defense of Ameer Makhoul, “in spite of the Israeli court’s decision, we will continue our work as usual,” for the committee is motivated by its “deep conviction that Ameer’s arrest forms part of the political persecution of the Palestinian people and leadership inside Palestine 48, which aim to silence the voice of the demand for justice and to expose the racist policies of the Israeli state.” The committee condemned the so called “security reasons” the Israeli state uses as a pretext to cover its use of “illegal methods to wage arrests and interrogations of political activists and human-rights defenders in the country- methods that contradict international law.”

Ittijah: Ameer continues to contribute to the values of steadfastness, personal sacrifice and giving:

In its statement, the union of Arab community-based organizations in Palestine 48 said that “Ameer’s imprisonment is of a political nature,” for it forms “another expression of the Israeli authorities’ policies that aim to restrict and suffocate the legitimate political actions and demands of Palestinians who are citizens of the state of Israel.” These policies, the statement continued, “wish to get rid of us and transform us from victims to the guilty ones.”

Ittijah saluted Ameer’s wife, Janan Abdu-Makhoul, “for her hard work and steadfastness in face of the Israeli authorities,” which comes “not only in support of her husband’s cause, but also that of all Palestinian political prisoners.” At the same time, Ittijah sent a “message of love and appreciation to Ameer’s daughters who, through the support of Janan and their appreciation of Ameer, are overcoming these difficult moments and in fact learning for them.”

Ittijah concluded by stating Ameer’s contribution to “the values of steadfastness, personal sacrifice and giving, which are the basic tenants of our remaining on our land,” and expressed gratitude to all organizations and individuals who are working for Ameer’s cauase and that of all Palestinian political prioners.

Platform of Solidarity with Palestine – Spain demands the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs the release of Ameer Makhoul:

On the occiasion of one year to the imprisonment of Ameer Makhoul, the Platform of Solidarity with Palestine, based in the city of Seville, Spain, wrote a letter to the Spanish minister of foreign affairs demanding an immediate intervention for the release of Ameer. The letter referred to the harsh conditions of Ameer’s arrest, stating that “he was arrested and held in solitary confinement for twelve days; he was subjected to physical and psychological torture; and he was deprived of basic human rights.” According to the letter, the arrest of Ameer demonstrates “Israel’s increasingly extreme policy of intimidating Palestinian activists working inside Israel. The majority of Palestinian prisoners have been detained in a similar way to the detention of Ameer. These acts are invalid and illegitimate, and in flagrant violation of international law.”

International Campaign for the Release of Ameer Makhoul and all Political Prisoners

Mireille Fanon-Mendes, daughter of Franz Fanon, has worked with Ameer as member of the World Social Forum’s International Council and the Jewish Union for Peace in France. Fanon came to Haifa especially to testify in Ameer’s trial in December of last year. In her interview to Electronic Intifada, Fanon condemned the Israeli court’s decision in Ameer’s case, calling for launching an international campaign for the release of Palestinian political prisoners and Ameer Makhoul. According to Fanon, Ameer’s case can symbol the suffering of political prisoners and persecution of human-rights activists.

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