One Year for the Arrest of Ameer Makhoul

Friday, May 6th 2011

One Year for the Arrest of Ameer Makhoul

Ittijah – Union of Arab Community-Based Organizations in Palestine 48

Today marks one year for the arrest of our general director, Ameer Makhoul. On that night, one year ago, forces of the Israeli police raided the house of Ameer’s family and our office in Haifa, confiscating and damaging personal belongings. The house invasion at night, faced by the angry eyes of Ameer’s daughters and the resistance of their parents, aimed to terrorize and threaten us, as well as to force the nature of the Ameer’s interrogation.

One year after, we continue to insist that Ameer’s imprisonment is of a political nature. The imprisonment of Ameer constitutes another expression of the Israeli authorities’ policies that aim to restrict and suffocate the legitimate political actions and demands of Palestinians who are citizens of the state of Israel. By marginalizing our collective memory and history, they wish to get rid of us and transform us from victims to the guilty ones.

On this occasion we salute Ameer’s wife, Janan, for her hard work and steadfastness in face of the Israeli authorities. The work of Janan comes not only in support of her husband’s cause, but also that of all Palestinian political prisoners. At the same time, we send a message of love and appreciation to Ameer’s daughters who, through the support of Janan and their appreciation of Ameer, are overcoming these difficult moments and in fact learning for them.

Ameer continues to contribute to the values of steadfastness, personal sacrifice and giving, which are the basic tenants of our remaining on our land. We in Ittijah thank all organizations and individuals who are working for Ameer’s cause and that of all Palestinian political prisoners.

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