Ameer Makhoul letter written from prison of Gilboa, Israel

Ameer Makhoul letter written from prison of Gilboa, Israel

Published by : “Platforma de solidaridad con Palestina

Originl in Spanish , translated to English by google translation

Although the answer to a personal letter, published by the human interest, for what they mean to us their time, courage and perseverance and firmness quixotic.

Ameer Makhoul is a key supporter of human rights. Recognized for his activism in defense of the Palestinian citizens of Israel. We consider a prisoner of conscience and call for their immediate release.
Ameer was arrested on May 6, 2010 at his home in Haifa. He is serving a sentence of nine years in prison in the Israeli occupation.

Dear Mary,
Today, 6/2/2012, I got your postcard from 24/1 and your letter of 31/1/2012. Greetings are very significant.
I liked the story of Don Quixote. FYI, Don Quixote is also our hero. We learn in school is translated into Arabic. What is certain is that nobody cares today the enemies of Don Quixote, but everyone will still know if he was alone.
Your solidarity makes us feel me and my people are not alone, as our common fight has promises of freedom and justice.
With love

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