Ameer’s detention and arest

In April 2010, Ameer was prevented from leaving the country when the Israeli Ministry of the Interior imposed a travel ban on him preventing him from leaving the country for a period of two months. Two weeks later, on the   night of May 6th, 2010, Ameer was arrested at 3am. About sixteen members of the Israeli police and GGS (general security services), with guns raided his house arresting him, preventing his family from body contact, preventing his daughters (in the day of arrest 13, 17) and wife from sleeping, forcing them to keep awake, not to move on there own home, terrifying them, taking all the computers and cell phones, and other stuff of the family. His wife, Janan asked the police officer to identify, and to show her the searching order but he refused and started yelling at her. just after she insisted on her right to see an order, before leaving, he showed her an order that he had owned for 2 weeks  which means that the police had the possibility  to arrest Makhoul from his office during the two weeks. However, they did not and they chose this way and timing to terrify his family.

Meanwhile during the searching of the family, another police group took Ameer, raided the offices of Ittijah and confiscated equipment and documents.  Janan asked the police officer to keep Ameer until they finish searching they refused to do so.
Ameer was  taken to the police office at “Pet ah tikva”(the Hebrew name) (Mlabus in Arabic the original name of the village that was destroyed by the Israeli) under a gag order.  He was prevented from  meeting a lawyer not only then but also during

the hearing at Betahtikva court. He had been brought to the hearing with the same GSS men who investigated him. they were sitting in the court room during the hearing.

His family and lawyers, were so worried about his situation due to the circumstances he was kept in with serious suspicions that he could be tortured.  They appealed to the court with doctors from Human rights association  and an independent doctor to see him but they refused both options. Moreover, they did not allow the lawyers to meet Ameer or even to be in the court room when Ameer was brought there. Therefore Ameer’s lawyers’ staff decided to boycott the trial.

12 days later, when his lawyers met him they found him very  exhausted, thin, (he lost 10 kilos in 12 days), with yellows spots on his face and hands.  He even told them that he tried to remember how his wife and 2 daughter  look like but he couldn’t. It seems that he confessed when he was drugged. Ameer  told them that he was investigated during 12 days, by the Shabak/GSS and police men  while they prevented him from sleeping for more than 72 hours (even the police officer later during his testimony admitted that). Ameer was tortured; he was kept tied in legs and hands to a small and a low chair. When he complained about pains they threatened him that he will stay like this until he will have hemorrhoids and “promised” him that he will be  handicapped. They kept shouting in his ear from a zero space while saying “Israeli nation is alive”. When Ameer asked for blood test, when he felt that he was drugged, the GSS refused to take him to doctor or to do so.

Ameer, was accused later of consorting with a Hezbollah agent, with  serious  espionage . As part of Beal bargain Ameer admit part of  this charges, will the persecution dropt the charge of helping the enemy during the war, that he could be sentenced for that for life time.

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