"April 17, It’s a day to improve the struggle for freedom, liberation and human dignity" Ameer Makhoul

Dear friends,

April 17 is the Palestinian Prisoners day (Yawom Al-assir AlFalastini). It’s day to look to the ongoing very long collective and individual sufferness and impossible painful. It’s a day to improve the struggle for freedom, liberation and human dignity.

I feel a kind of “collaboration” with the unfair narrative, when I use the terminology of numbers or figures, in order to relate to more than 7,000 prisoners in Israeli prison. This because the international dynamics are to recognize the story of oppressor and occupator when it’s of Israel. Two peoples tow deference prices of human life!!

Each of 7000 Palestinian prisoners is considered as just a number while an Israeli occupation officer become the human been story of whole entire humanity by the governments eyes. Even the so called “neutral” or “equal language” is for a favior with the occupators.

Palestinian prisoners are not a War prisoners, but liberation struggle prisoners. It’s not a Palestinian war its people struggle for freedom and liberation. The Palestinian prisoners are victims of reality of occupation, colonialism, racism, ethic cleansing and political persecution.

We all expected to keep looking to nature of and root cause of the conflict, not to the surface. The colonials all over the history did damage their own human values, the also impose a real damage to their victims whenever the victims become passive toward their Liberation human duty and values.

I look to solidarity groups, movements and persons, all of you are doing great work. Your message is the stronger toward all sides of the conflict including toward yourselves. You are all persons and groups who will never accept injust to be as a norm.

I call you all as partners in the struggle for rights, to continue and go a head wile the approach of looking to the Palestine rights an liberation struggle as one struggle. Don’t play within the oppressors role of the game of fragmenting the Palestine Cause.

Fragmentation consequens on the nature of the people right. Fragmenting approach means to relate to the people right and the human rights value as outcome of balance of power. It means to confiscate justice as well fairness from rights. It means to make our ethics in serve of the balance of power instead of to be committed to the power of justice and human rights.

The new ware of international solidarity movements with Palestinians, is dealing with the real agenda of root cause of the conflict on Palestine and on Palestinians rights.

This movement is motivated by the value of universality of Values of human rights, but also by the link done by the implementation of Right of Return, the end of occupation, the end of the siege, the end of systematic colonial racist essence of Israel and the self determination of Palestinian people.

The liberation of 7000 Palestinian liberation prisoners will never been reached by Israeli court. The legal system of the colonial racist oppressor is colonial racist and oppressing system. It a major oppressor machanizm. This matter can be solved only by Palestinian struggle and interaction pro active solidarity. We will continue doing our role of steadfastness and struggle. You can do a lot. I propose to all to declare April 17 as Global Day of Action for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners, for the Palestinians rights. We have the power of peoples. We shall overcome


Ameer Makhoul

Temporarily in the Galboa’ Prison, regardless of how long it would take

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