The Organizers of IAW in Palestine 48 send Solidarity letter

Dear Ameer,

As part of the Israeli Apartheid Week activities, today we celebrated a special event on the meaning of apartheid here in Palestine at the Saraya Theater in Yafa. The designation of one week of the year to resist Israel’s apartheid policies should mean that we are restricted by the timeframe; rather, we are fully aware that Israel’s apartheid policies are affecting our political, economic and social lives throughout the whole year; it impacts our daily lives as individuals as well. Our strong and consistent belief in the justice of our cause, in the necessity to continue the struggle against apartheid and to make our voiced heard is what led us to write you this letter to express our full support to your steadfastness in the Israeli prison cell.

This is the 7th year the Israeli Apartheid Week is celebrated in different parts of the worlds. Beginning in Toronto in 2005, today, for the first time, it is celebrated on the actual battle ground in Palestine, where each Palestinian not only resists all forms of organized and systematic racism, but the ideological and iron violence of a military occupation machine. However, our activities here in Palestine are an extension of the ones organized by individuals and organizations who took upon themselves the mission of raising human rights and cultural awareness regarding what is happening in our land, and for that they pay a high price.

Activities during this week include events in Palestine 48, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, in addition to other activities organized by Palestinian collectives in exile and other groups who are in solidarity with our cause. Such a unity in action indicates our consistent will to work together as a people despite the imposed barriers and checkpoints; our rejection of the division imposed on the Palestinian people.

We wish to thank you for writing to us in your last letter, and for your continuing contributions, wherever you may be, especially to the Palestinian students’ movement.


The Organizers of IAW in Palestine 48:

Abnaa al-Balad, Students Chapter

National Democratic Assembly, Students Chapter

Haq Youth Movement

The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, Students Chapter

Coalition of Women for Peace

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