Statement made by the French Jewish Union for Peace (FJUP), France

Ameer Makhoul Setenced to 9 Years in Prison

Statement made by the French Jewish Union for Peace (FJUP), France

The controversial sentence in question is based on a plea bargain that was reached after Ameer has suffered of abuse during his interrogation. Similar to the case of the Palestinian-French student Salah Hamouri, one is forced to admit the “revised” charges without having the right to see the alleged accusations of the prosecution.

What is the meaning of such a sentence? It constitutes an alarm signal to Palestinian activists in Israel, according to which the state will no longer tolerate any criticism of the policies of apartheid; anyone who criticizes the state of Israel will be at risk and his\her liberties restricted. The freedom of movement will be denied to any Israeli citizen who cannot prove that his political position does not consist of loyalty to the state that discriminates, oppresses, confiscates and rejects the Palestinian residents, whether inside Israel or the occupied territories. This same state also denies the basic rights of many immigrants who seek working in Israel.

The Palestinians citizens of Israel, as well as the Palestinians in the occupied territories, are forced to give up their basic rights, including their right to self-determination, with the silent complicity of the international community. Israel’s immunity, despite its endless war crimes, has become a rule to the international community. Ameer Makhoul and 7,000 other Palestinian political prisoners are victims to a policy that puts in danger the whole world.

The French Jewish Union for Peace rejects this sentence and the policies that allow the trampling of human rights, and we hereby express our solidarity with and support of Ameer Makhoul. There will be no lasting peace without a comprehensive solution to the cause of Palestinian political prisoners. The FJUP calls on every human being who works for the respect of human rights to act towards punishing the state, any state, for its crimes and hold others accountable for their collaboration with it.

We call for the unconditional release of Ameer Makhoul and all Palestinian political prisoners.

The French Jewish Union for Peace

National Bureau

January 31, 2011

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